Divorced Dads: Find Your Purpose

Divorced Dads Find Your Purpose

Do you often wonder what your purpose is in this life? You aren’t alone, and divorce provides us with an opportunity to assess and adjust our purpose. Below are five tips that can help you to better search for your purpose and understand it when you do find it.

Look Inside Yourself

The number one mistake that people tend to make as they look for their purpose is that they look everywhere in their environment or life, but don’t take a look inside themselves. Finding your purpose is about finding something that leaves you feeling fulfilled, and if you are trying to find this externally, you will find that you try and fail each and every time. So stop trying to find your purpose in a location or a person, and instead stop and ask yourself what you want from life.

Put Your Purpose First

When you have goals for your life, it may seem easy to put them first and think that you will find your purpose later, but this is actually completely backwards. When you know your purpose in life, achieving your goals not only becomes easier, but it can also help you to feel more fulfilled when you do finally accomplish them. Once you do find your purpose, it’s important to re-evaluate your goals and be sure that they are a part of the purpose you’ve discovered in life.

Take Control Of Your Life

You will never find your purpose in life if you let yourself be pulled this way and that by your friends, family, or career. You need to take control of your life to be able to find your purpose. Don’t let yourself be controlled by your own emotions either. If you struggle with negative thoughts, fear, or anxiety, you need to work to get these under control before you will be able to work towards finding your purpose in life.

Make A List Of What Brings You Joy

Once you’ve taken control over your life, it’s time to start looking for your purpose in life by making a list of the things that bring you joy. This is a very personal thing and no one else can help you with this. You also shouldn’t be ashamed of any of the things you put down either, even if they may sound dumb to you. But even something as simple as enjoying picking flowers can be a huge step towards helping you discover your purpose in life.

Find Your Social Circle

Another tip that can work wonders when it comes to finding your purpose, is to find your circle. For example, say that in the above step you discover that you love running. You will probably want to join a gym or running club because then you will be able to connect with people who have the same interest, and they may have an outlet or perspective of said activity that leads to you being able to find your purpose in something that brings you joy.

In conclusion, finding your purpose in life won’t always be easy, and there are several things you will need to do before it becomes possible for you. But if you make a pact with yourself to look inwards, take control of your life, and make a list of things you enjoy, finding your purpose won’t be too far away. And once you find it, you will be better able to connect with similar minds and put your purpose first in your life.